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Avi Krawitz

Diamond Adventurer | Storyteller | Industry Specialist

Avi Krawitz


Build an effective marketing strategy for your business to ensure your diamond story is heard. Avi will help you navigate the dynamics of the market through his in-depth market insights, data analysis and trend forecasting. 

Avi Krawitz


Showcase your company's added value, reaching thousands of potential customers on Avi's videos, podcasts, newsletters, and blogs. Let Avi’s loyal audience become yours via his dynamic content and storytelling.

Avi Krawitz


Understand the diamond market through customized reports and editorial products. Avi has authored countless papers and articles closely followed by members of the trade, governments, regulators, and financiers.

Avi Krawitz


Let Avi tell the story of your diamond to unlock its true value, helping you find the right buyer at the right time and price for your unique stone. Every diamond has provenance that can generate a premium for your business.

Avi Krawitz


Bring deeper insights to your conference, webinar, or board meeting via Avi's easy and engaging presentations. Avi provides a complete understanding of the diamond pipeline, the challenges and opportunities therein.

For more info and to discuss a collaboration, connect with Avi.

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