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Avi Krawitz



After working as a business journalist for The Jerusalem Post, Avi stumbled into the diamond industry during a job interview with Martin Rapaport, founder of the Rapaport Group and its widely used Rapaport Price List.
Starting out as a reporter on and Rapaport Magazine, Avi soon offered more in-depth analysis about diamond industry news, events, and market conditions.

He now ranks among the leading voices in the industry, having hosted the popular Rapaport Diamond Podcast and the quarterly Diamond Trends webinars, and authored the monthly Rapaport Research Report, among countless other reports, articles and statements.

Now, Avi is bringing that experience to the wider industry as an independent consultant, journalist, and content creator, using his unique voice to help others understand the diamond market, and experience the industry through creative storytelling.  

Avi Krawitz
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