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David Kellie - Real, Rare, Responsible

The Natural Diamond Council is rolling out its new campaign ‘Real, Rare, Responsible,’ which CEO David Kellie stresses are the core values of the natural diamonds.


He explains…


Real: Consumers are seeking authenticity, the original thing.


Rare: Reflect that diamonds are among the rarest, naturally formed minerals on the planet, the result of an amazing, geological miracle, created billions of years ago.


Responsible: “When you consider what this industry has done over the last 20 years in the regions of the world where diamonds are recovered from, how responsible they are in terms of the long-term planning, the recovery of the diamonds, regeneration of land, and in creating long-term prosperity for its communities, it's something we should all be very proud of and we shouldn't take it for granted.”


The campaign features brand ambassador Lily James following her recent trip to Canada’s Northwestern Territories and her prior trip to Botswana.


The NDC is gradually rolling out the campaign on its platforms before its main launch planned at the JCK Las Vegas show in late May.


I chatted about the campaign with David in the latest episode Diamond Gems with Avi Krawitz. We also discussed the challenge of adapting marketing in different markets and cultures, how the NDC approaches category marketing in today's brand-centric environment, and we touch on and the interaction between lab-grown and natural diamonds.

Listen to the podcast here:

Or here:

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